French - Ecuadorian photographer based in Barcelona since 2010. Still in the stage of experimentation, photography has taken me through infinite paths of visual creativity.


NJF Magazine.

A new editorial inspired by fashion, architecture and design. 


Finitude is a Japanese expression that in simple words can be translated as "the sadness of things"


Golden Girl

Beauty editorial for IMIRAGEmagazine.

Art and Design

Making strange fusions between textures and being inspired by the different techniques of collage or drawing, allows me to venture into infinite creative fields and obtain different and unexpected results.

Commercial Projects

Photography, Post-production and Design for commercial work.

Art and Photography

Collection of experimental portraits always using photography as the main resource.

Digital Art / Self-Portrait

A work dedicated to all memories and therefore the pieces of ourselves that fade over time.

© 2018 by Camille Becdach


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